Tuesday, 4 September 2012

SFI Affiliate

What is this ?

SFI is one of the easy way to earn money Every one can easily earn money .

Now your first step

Make account 

1.Make account in SFI  click here

2.When you make account and log in  in your account you have 0 VP points (versa point ) .

3.Now your task is to gain VP points as much as possible by take different actions .

4.First of all you go to your home page and click on TO-DO list 

5.In TO-DO list many task is waiting for you .

6.Each task contain VP points 

7.In TO-DO list first of all you click in first option that is to verify your account when you complete this step and verify your account you get 150 VP points 

 8.Complete all actions in your TO-DO list and gain a lot of VP points.and each table in TO-DO list contain one VP point daily .

9.If you get 1500 VP point in month you will become an Executive Affilate .

10.Remember if you get 500 VP point in 24 hr you get 500 bonus VP point .

11.VP point depends upon on money 

12.By doing this all you konw what i do next 

13.If you and any more information please contact HERE   or give comments .

More information about SFI posted soon .

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